First post October 15, 2016

Hi, my name is Rafael Oliveira, I'm a independent game developer from Brazil. With this blog I want to share development articles, and things like Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. I use the Haxe language for most of my projects (not only gamedev), and Kha for games, so most of the programming articles will be about both.

This blog is my attempt to have a site written entirely in Haxe, but it still need adjustments in the design. With Haxe will be easier for me to make things like a ranking system in the backend for my games.

About Haxe, the big advantage is that it is a multiplatform language. I can write games in Haxe and compile to Javascript, Android, Windows, and other targets. This with the help of Kha, a powerful framework that is small and has code optimized for each target.

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